Our Team

Motto – “Service to the needy is service to almighty”

From 2015, the centre has been recognised by Spine Society of Andhra Pradesh(SSAP) to conduct six months/one year spine surgery training fellowships. This program is exclusive to young orthopaedic surgeons from preferably Andhra Pradesh who are willing to pursue a career in spine surgery. In this centre, one or two candidates are selected per year. Fellows are selected by an interview conducted by eminent faculty/senior professors from AP and SSAP association. The course starts in August every year and ends next year.

Everyone at Mallika Spine Centre is guided by Dr. Naresh Babu who was instrumental in shaping up this spine centre through his great clinical skills and pure research work.

We handle every patient with the utmost care, respect and sensitivity and we as a team of surgeons and medical staff stand together in fulfilling the dreams of our Founder, Director and Chief Surgeon - Dr. Naresh Babu of making this institute one of the global institutions for training and treatment in the field of spine surgery.

As a team, we strive for providing high quality clinical care with the support of our paramedical and secretarial staff. We live by the team values of compassion, trust, attention, patience and responsibility on a day to day basis.

At Mallika Spine Centre, we take care of our patients with utmost sensitivity and respect. We stand and work as a team irrespective of our designations when it comes to maintaining world-class hygiene standards in the hospital to get rid of infections and other environmental hazards. The dream of Dr. J. Ramesh Babu has at last fructified in the form of a World-Class Spine Centre in India. The dedication and contribution of the entire team of Mallika Spine Centre can be written in golden words for their devotion and passion to serve patients in pain due to various types of spine related trauma and deformities and in the end bringing them the necessary relief to cherish life. Mallika Spine Centre is an institution of excellence with the top experts, physicians, surgeons, consultants in their specific specialties rendering their invaluable medical and healthcare services.

Resident Doctors

Dr.J.Naresh Babu

MS (Ortho), FNB (Spine Surgery)

Dr.Arun Kumar V

MS (Ortho), Fellow in Spine Surgery