Second Opinion

When you’re facing a new medical diagnosis or complex medical conditions, it’s common to feel confused. Making decisions can be very difficult especially when you need to choose between several treatment options. How do you know you have been diagnosed correctly or are making the right treatment choices? In these scenarios getting a second opinion is always a good idea — there are many advanced imaging techniques and minimally invasive surgical procedures are available today, and any patient would be wise to get a second opinion from another Doctor.

Another doctor might come up with a completely different and promising option. A second opinion can also serve a general quality check – to make sure you’re really getting the most up to date, most effective treatment. Having additional information about your diagnosis and treatment can only be helpful. Most importantly, as a patient, it is your right to seek a medical second opinion.

In some cases, the opinion provided by a second Doctor may agree with the diagnosis and treatment identified by your first Doctor/Physician. This can provide you with significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence that you are making the best choice for your health.

Please remember that a second opinion based only on scan images, reports or medical records is necessarily limited to what is contained in those files. It cannot replace an in-person medical evaluation, please make an appointment with the doctor for a second opinion.