Non Surgical Procedures

Non-Operative/Non-Surgical Procedures

Most spinal conditions do not require surgical treatment. Vast majority of spinal problems can be managed with non-operative care. Each patient and each case must be approached in a very individual manner and any treatment program should only be recommended by a physician after a thorough evaluation. Physical Therapy, Exercise, Pain Management, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Injections...etc to reduce pain are used.


Physical therapy

Pain Medications

Epidural Injections

Heat and/or Ice

Acupressure / Acupuncture

Exercise :: Regular exercise can help with stiffness and improve flexibility, as well as help you maintain a healthy weight, meaning less stress on your spine. When exercising with back pain, it's important to begin with gentle exercises and gradually increase the intensity as your pain improves.

Physical therapy :: A physical therapist can work with you to relieve your back pain and teach you exercises that can improve your flexibility. Stretching and strengthening exercises along with gentle aerobic activity can relieve pain and stiffness, lower stress levels and help you regain full range of motion. You will also learn techniques for proper lifting and better posture, which can also help with your back pain.

Pain Medications :: In most cases, pain medications that are used to treat pack pain include NSAIDs, acetaminophen, narcotic medications, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, and oral steroids. Of course, each of these medications has strengths, risks, and limitations. The overall health of the patient, as well as the specific problem in the lower back will determine the pain reliever that will be used- if any.

Epidural Injections :: Your back specialist can give you an epidural injection into your spine. This will deliver steroids to your spine which will decrease inflammation and therefore provide relief of lower back pain.

Heat and/or Ice :: Applying heat, ice, or a combination of both can help to relieve pain in the lower back.

Acupressure/Acupuncture :: It has been said that pain is due to blocked energy pathways in the body. Acupressure/Acupuncture are traditional Chinese medicine ways to treat pain. The idea is to use needles (in the case of acupuncture) or blunt objects (in the case of acupressure) to release these blockages.

Lifestyle Changes :: If you have lower back pain, it is very important to make lifestyle changes such as losing weight, modifying your activities, quitting smoking, and even making improvements in your posture and ergonomics.

Recovering After Non-Surgical Treatment :: In most cases of acute back pain, the pain will resolve within a few weeks of non-surgical treatments for back pain. Those who have been suffering from chronic pain may need surgical treatment to correct the conditions causing their pain.

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