About Hospital

Mallika Spine Centre was founded in the year 2007 by Dr. Naresh Babu, which was started as an out-patient clinic. With skilled and dedicated work of Dr. Naresh Babu, establishment has steadily grown over the years.

Since its inception in the year 2007, has emerged as an exclusive and privileged hospital in southern India providing individualized treatment through a multidisciplinary team of renowned surgeons, medical staff and office personnel who are professional to the core.

Mallika Spine Centre, Guntur

In the year 2015, Mallika Spine Centre was converted to a 25 bedded exclusive spine hospital which was and still is the only tertiary care spine centre in combined states of AP and Telangana. Soon a highly skilled team comprising of an Associate Spine Consultant and Anaesthesiologists was formed which made the hospital a reputed and preferred centre for spine care.

Mallika Spine Centre as a World Class Spine Facility has 2 well equipped operation theaters, an outpatient department and in-house facilities that are sophisticated, clean and modern endowed with the latest technology. In addition, we endeavor to educate and inform each patient about the importance of preventative health measures. The track record that we achieved over these years speaks itself about our dedication and commitment to our patients, their families, and the community at large.

Our Journey :: Timeline


Starting new branch of Mallika Spine Centre comprising of OPD and day care procedures at Vijayawada in April 2018.


Establishment of 1.5T MR and dual slice CT near to the hospital premises.


Organised 2 nd annual CME of SSAP(Theme: TB Spine) at Haailand, Vijayawada. With more than 150 participants, CME was termed as stunning success.
Acquiring and upgrading of insurance schemes(Star health, FHPL, Good health, Vidal Health, Bajaj Allianz etc.) at the hospital.


Establishment of 25 bedded exclusive centre for spinal care.
Mar 2015 :: Performed 1 st case at newly established MSC.
Aug 2015 :: >Organised Instructional Course in Spine (ICS) at Visakhapatnam, which was 1 st in newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh.
Stated "Spine society of Andhra Pradesh (SSAP)" at ICS 2015.
Sep 2015 :: Started "Spine Society of Andhra Pradesh – Spine Fellowships" with a yearly intake of two fellows.


Acquired microscope and started minimally invasive microscopic procedures.

March 2007 :: The Journey Began

Mallika Spine Centre stated as an Out-patient clinic.
April 2007 :: First surgery done.
Nov 2007 :: First major deformity correction done.


The spine is an embodiment of human body without which you cannot keep yourself upright or even stand up and it is the spine that gives your body structure and support in addition to supporting your spinal cord. As per the latest medical research, India ranks 2nd in the world in the number of spinal cord injury patients with over 20,000 fresh cases of spinal injuries and trauma occurring every day.

At Mallika Spine Centre – we offer treatment for a number of spine conditions including Low back pain, disc disease, Lumbar canal stenosis, Disc herniation, Spinal Trauma, Spinal Cord Injuries and other spinal care and treatment services.


We strongly believe in our core values and as such we ensure that we strive to live up to these values. These values reflect our commitment as a spine center encompassing the full spectrum of spinal care and in cracking touch cases, expanding our facilities & specialties thereby improving the patients’ quality of life by reducing their pain and spinal trauma.






Priority To Patient - Quality And Safety

Each protocol of ours is designed to reduce pain and disability so as to enable the patients in achieving their personal lifestyle goals through a treatment plan consisting of prescribing right medicines with a special emphasis on prevention techniques through conservative and post operation management of spinal disorders.

Special Emphasis On Minimizing Infections

We take utmost care and safety measures in adhering and maintaining hospital hygiene with clean spaces. Our Operation theaters and specialized ICU for spine surgery are fully desensitized from infections and sources of pollution and from any other micro-environmental hazards.

Operation Theater

Our Operation Theater is equipped with the state-of-the art computer aided navigation system for surgical accuracy. This operation theater is a no entry zone for all sources of pollution and any other environmental hazards from microorganisms or from other types of species. We ensure and follow strict global quality standards in ensuring regular maintenance and in conducting regular quality checks. Our operation rooms have laminar air flow technology that reduces infection rates comparable to world standards.

State of the Art Equipment and Services

With the latest state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our one stops facility with professional and experienced surgical team complemented by experienced anesthesia service team performing safe spine surgeries in a modern state-of-the-art hospital.
We strongly believe that equipments and tools are here to just assist us but in reality – the success of treatment rests on skillful hands and brains of our professional doctors and surgeons.

What our team says about Mallika Spinal Centre

“We as a team of professional doctors and specialists believe that life deserved to be cherished and therefore only the best quality of care and compassion by serving at this hospital can bring smiles to our patients.”
“At Mallika Spinal Centre – we are treated equally among equals with responsibilities that we are proud of fulfilling them with ease and patience.”

Lab Equipment

We believe in 360 Degree perspective of diagnoses that help us in delivering the best treatment without the need of executing inappropriate tests. We have the following equipment to serve our patients in the course of the spinal trauma.

  • 1.5T MR and dual slice CT
  • Microscope for improved visualization
  • 3D Printing of surgical models for preoperative planning
  • Navigation
  • Neuromonitoring

Computer Navigation

Computer assisted spine surgery is a cutting edge technology which has improved the safety and accuracy of spine procedures. This technology is available in only a few centres worldwide Mallika Spine Centre is one of the pioneers in the country to adopt this technique with an aim to bring the latest in technology to patients. The institute has been performing such surgeries in complex spine disorders since 2017. These navigation systems are often very helpful in revision surgeries and in complex deformities.

Computer Navigation is a new innovative technology in spine surgeries that improves the intra-operative accuracy. It allows virtually any surgical instrument to be tracked in reference to the displayed anatomy in real time. This can be particularly helpful when a spine surgeon places an instrument or implant into unexposed or partially exposed spinal structures that may not be directly visible, such as the pedicle or vertebral body.

Neuro Monitoring

This technique was invented in Japan in the 1970s. Electrical stimulation was provoked on the dorsal spinal cord from an epidural electrode.Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) is a valuable technique for assessing the nervous system. It replaces the neurologic examination when the patient is under general anesthesia and cannot cooperate with a face-to-face examination.

At our centre, we mitigate the risk of neurological deficit with continuous intra operative neuromonitoring during surgery. Thereby achieving surgical goals and preserving quality of life post-surgery.The spinal cord evoked potentials (SCEP) correspond to summation of neural activities originating from the ascending and descending tracts and neurons near the recording electrode.The recorded potentials are very vigorous and most likely represent the combined activity of the tracts of the spinal cord, such as dorsal columns, the corticospinal tracts and others.